I'm Tiffany Diamond and I live on the Kitsap Pennisula with my husband and a couple of wet nose furry kids. We moved to the Pacific Northwest 21 years ago from the East Coast, where we both grew up. We've adopted this beautiful piece of the earth and have made it our forever home. After spending much of my professional life in marketing and communications, with a brief stint of owning a little creperie, I made the decision that what I really wanted to do for the rest of my time in this world was to peek into people's lives with a camera and document their special momets (with their full permission and acceptance, of course!) So with my Christmas gift of a little Nikon D60, I started with my neighbor's twins, and any flora I spotted (highly recommend flowers as subjects for beginners!) That was ten years ago. Now I can be found photographing corporate and non-profit events, business headshots, the unique weddings, wet noses, baby bumps and babies and those that love them. I've even won an award or two! Most recently, I've expanded my business by opening a sweet "little-studio-with-a-view" overlooking the Kingston waterfront. It has given Tiffany Diamond Photography a base of operations, and the ability to broaden my scope of business and services.


Over the years, I have had the distinct honor and priviledge of being able to document the most precious and candid moments and meaningful milestone events in people's lives. They have put their trust in me to capture and to preserve those moments that will find their way into the family's legacy image library. It truly makes me smile and my heart fill with happiness to imagine one of my photographs of an adorable toddler moment, later being included in his engagement slideshow; or the grown woman cherishing the maternity portrait of her mother pregnant with her years before; or the photograph of the couple still lovingly looking into each other eyes after sixty years of marriage - surrounded by their family.


I grew up in the days when photographs were tangible and precious. Beacause film had a finite number of exposures, you were forced to think about what you were going to photograph. You couldn't look at the back of the camera to see what you captured, and you certainly couldn't delete and shoot again. When the film came back from the developers, you had a heightened sense of anticipation - Did they come out?! Did I get THAT moment?! The prints were pulled out of the envelope and either carefully viewed, or quickly flipped through to find the one you were waiting for. And then...there it was! The photograph that would be looked at over and over again. The photograph that would be passed down. The photograph that tells a story forever. I'm a romantic and I firmly believe in the power of photographs.


That is the sensibility I like to bring to my photography. When I look through my viewfinder, I look for that moment, that expression, that story - that will make that photograph the one that takes it's place in your legacy image library. Even when it seems like an everyday scene at the moment, it will take on a level of importance as the years pass. And when you hire me, be prepared, we will talk about prints. As part of your investment in hiring a professional photographer (I have a business license, I have insurance, I continously perfect my craft), you will come away with tangible and precious prints. It's my duty as a photographer. :)