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Welcome to my website! I'm Tiffany Diamond, a professional photographer based out of the spectacularly beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State. I've called the PNW home for almost 30 years and as much as I love to travel, coming home is always a renewal of my spirit. 

Over the years, I've had the distinct honor and privilege of being able to document the most precious and candid moments and meaningful milestone events in people's lives. They have put their trust in me to capture and to preserve those moments that will find their way into the family's legacy image library. It truly makes me smile and my heart fill with happiness to imagine one of my photographs of an adorable toddler moment being included in his engagement slideshow many years later; or the grown woman cherishing the maternity portrait of her mother pregnant with her years before; or the photograph of the couple still lovingly looking into each others eyes after sixty years of marriage - surrounded by their family. I especially enjoy being able to blend into the background and look for the moments at a fundraising or business event that best conveys the energy and emotion of the attendees. 

When I look at the person or situation in front of me and then through my viewfinder, I wait for a specific moment, specific expression, an authentic story - that will make that photograph the one that makes the client put their hand to their heart. That makes them smile and say "that's it!" Even when it seems like an everyday scene at the moment, it will take on a level of importance as the years pass. 

I'm a documentary photographer at heart. I want to let the real moments, real expressions, real personalities play out. Authenticity always shines brighter. When I'm photographing children, I tell the parents to relax and let's just let them be them. No forced smiles, no uncomfortable posing. If you're a cuddly family - get in there and throw those arms around each other. If that isn't your thing, then let's do your thing. Authenticity. 

If you see yourself, or your family, or your business reflected in my work - let's connect and plan your session.

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